3PL Logistics

Your products are in safe hands!

Integrated 3PL Logistics services

Through our storage facilities, the support equipment, and the specialized personnel, our company provides our customers holistic services of management, storage, and distribution of their cargo.

We are proud to contribute to the logistics processes of our customers. This happens thanks to our knowledge, experience, and excellent infrastructure.

Our 3PL Logistics services include

Loading of goods

Our services start when we receive your cargo.

Our experienced staff will receive and manage your cargo in the most efficient and effective way.

Secure Storage

Depending on the type and the kind of the merchandise is delivered, we organize the storage and the handling of it. Storage of goods is customized based on the product type and the period it will remain in our warehouses.

Packaging or Repackaging

Our company undertakes the packaging or the repackaging of your products, according to the specifications you set.

Cargo Transportation

With professional drivers and modern trucks, we guarantee the timely transport of your goods to the collection or delivery location you set.

We offer you 3PL Logistics, Reliable, Responsible, Economical