Proof of Quality Services (PQS)

Track of your cargo in real time!

At Link LTD we invest in technology to offer our customers pioneering modern services that offer immediate information and contribute to the smooth operation of their business.

We are always one step ahead with state-of-the-art systems, such as Storage and Distribution Management (WMS), ERP, Web, POD.

We provide our customers with special track and trace online tools. So any time they can be informed about the evolution of their cargo handling.

In collaboration with Online Data, we’ve created the PQS application, which shows in real-time where your load is located.

The application is simple, cost-effective and easy to use. It can be downloaded into a tablet or smartphone mobile.

PQS is the best solution to locate and display in real time the geographic location of the truck that is transporting your goods. At the same time, by being aware of the truck’s route we forecast the delivery time, and we receive in-flight additional orders during the journey.

Thanks to the PQS application, our customers monitor their goods in real time, they know the delivery time and exactly where their load is.

On delivery, our driver may photograph and update the app with relevant information and photos. In case of a problem, the operator takes pictures of the goods and sends the photos to the customer to keep him updated about the situation.

All photos are stored in a dedicated portal available to our customers.

Pull & Push Notifications technology

The technology of pull and push notifications at zero cost is an innovative way to communicating with the trucks:


Certifies the transmission and reading of information


Minimizes telecommunication costs

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